Jumpstart Sales with a BizDev Workshop…
Featuring Your Customers


Most startup managers suspect their company hasn't talked with enough customers. Technology startups like Neurable have an even harder challenge: validating your features, ROI and business model with the right customers. How can you engage qualified customers ASAP?

At your company’s BizDev Workshop, your team will:

  • Hear feedback on your product from real customers

  • Learn how to validate assumptions and features with customers

  • Create a customer outreach program to start selling 

The Secret Sauce: We'll bring recorded interviews with two real, qualified customers to your workshop. We’ll listen as they describe their business problems and give feedback on the your solution. Together we'll analyze every word to understand exactly how real customers react to your technology.


Listen: These are real customers being brutally honest
about mobile app security.

The company targeting their solution at these developers had missed a key point about app architecture in their target market. Fortunately we brought these customers to a Business Development Workshop at their office, where their whole team heard it, discussed it, and made a course correction.


Listen: These are real customers describing real problems
in IT asset management and help ticket management.

Listen to the pain and emotion in their voices.

Real pain is a tech startup’s dream when they have the solution. The creative session that followed these customers was a joy to be a part of.


Running a technology start-up is hard work. Between raising money, developing your MVP, refining your business model and hiring a great team, one thing often falls through the cracks: spending time with customers.

If your technology startup ready to engage with customers? Do you need to quickly validate your Product-Market Fit and ROI? Are you looking for a cost-effective way to start working with customers RIGHT NOW?

The BizDev Workshop is exactly what you are looking for. For three months, you will meet customers to validate your ROI, confirm your product-market fit and start selling.

Here’s how it works:

Month 1: Sell What You Have Now

The first step is to start a small-scale test to validate that you have chosen the right target market and that your story hits prospects’ hot buttons. During Month 1, we will work with you to develop and refine your customer story, web site and video messaging. Then we will test how your offer resonates with up to 50 sales prospects via a highly-targeted email campaign and introduce you to the interested accounts.

Month 1 Deliverables:

  • Customer introductions

  • Recommendations for revisions to product story and sales tools

Month 2: Ramp Up Your Sales Campaign

In Month 2 we ramp your customer campaign, targeting up to 100 new prospects using email and telephone. The goal is to engage with more accounts, and more important, understand why the remaining accounts are not interested. We will carefully track every interaction to identify how each company and individual reacts to your product and message.

When the BizDev.Global team starts talking to customers, we’ll explore their environment, pain, requirements and other issues that will impact your solution. Once we’ve characterized the opportunity, we’ll bring you a sales profile, introduce you to the customer, and coach the initial meetings.

Month 2 is the ideal time for your team to become more involved with the customer development process, to interact with customers directly and learn to “walk in the customer’s shoes.”

Month 2 Deliverables:

  • Customer introductions

  • Recommendations for future product enhancements

  • Specific messaging and sales process enhancements to maximize sales

Month 3: Bring Sales Campaign In-House

While Months 1 & 2 were focused on meeting early customers, understanding their reactions and refining your story, Month 3 is all about Generating Revenue In-House. BizDev.Global will walk your sales team through each of these steps:

  1. Building prospect lists

  2. Reaching out to customers via outbound (email, phone) and digital (social, advertising) channels

  3. Converting trials to revenue

  4. Growing the sales funnel

BizDev Workshop.png

Sales Management & CRM

If you have a CRM in place, we will conduct all customer contact within your environment, so that you have access to all account histories and results. If you do not have a CRM in place, we’ll help you choose and install one so that you can capture this valuable data. Click here to read how we’ve accomplished this for other clients

Ready for Sales? 

If your startup is feeling pressure to start business development, we can get you up to speed fast. Click here to get in touch with the experienced business development experts at BizDev.Global.