Is the Market Ready?

What happens when new technology enables big productivity gains, but users need to change the way they work to use it? How do you know when the mainstream market is ready to adopt? 

The answer is, talk to users. Dig deep to understand their needs and requirements. Listen to some Customer Voices... (actual user interviews.)


Changing Behavior is HARD!

Our client had an effective new line of verification software that could substantially cut FPGA debug time. But they needed to know whether mainstream designers were ready to get out of the lab.

After more than 30 interviews with FPGA designers, each 20-40 minutes long, the client knew that the FPGA design market had “crossed the chasm.” But these mainstream users needed to see:

  • Demonstrated proof of the value proposition and ROI

  • Tight integration with existing design tools to maximize time savings



Success! Now Tell the World!

The next step: Create a campaign to help educate the market about the problem and their solution. We created a series of four videos (samples below) for display at trade shows and on the web.


The Killer Question

How do your prospects answer, when you ask this question about the problem you solve?

“When you benchmarked your workflow against the other methods, what did you learn?”

 If you need a little help getting that answer, contact BizDev.Global.