We Talk To Real Customers

Your customers...qualified prospects...competitive customers...

Since 1991, we’ve provided a simple service to technology companies: we talk to customers to validate your business, product and marketing plans. Part of our secret sauce is to use peer researchers, who have technical degrees and experience in specific technology markets. Our peer researchers have experience in all of these market segments:

  • IT & InfoSec
  • Software & app development/APIs
  • Semiconductors & semi equipment
  • EDA & IP
  • CAD/CAM/3D
  • Virtual reality/augmented reality
  • Productivity/collaboration technologies
  • Cloud/internet/networking
  • Enterprise software

We answer two questions for virtually every client: 

Is There a Market There? 

Where is the Sweet Spot? 


A company’s sweet spot is the market segment where its technology has the biggest impact for customers. If you’ve struggled for years to make customers understand your value proposition, you haven’t  found your sweet spot. 

Technology companies turn to us when they start experiencing these challenges:

  • They don’t want to spend the time and money developing a product that nobody wants. Or worse, a product that could have dominated the market if one or two key features had been done right.
  • They need clear evidence of customer demand for management or investors.
  • They want to avoid an expensive future pivot.
  • Their products are being defined without any feedback or validation from paying customers.

If any of these situations sound familiar, give us a call. We’ve got more than twenty years of experience solving these problems for high-tech companies. The easiest way to get started is with a Free Market Validation workshop at your site. Contact us to learn more.