Interim BizDev for High-tech Startups

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BizDev.Global offers a unique service for high-tech startups: We jumpstart your business development activities for 3-6 months so that you can engage customers before making a major investment in business development and sales staff. The result: You get to revenue sooner.

  • Start working with customers NOW

  • Tweak your product, message and sales process before hiring sales staff

  • Begin customer engagements before your product is complete

We’ll set up your CRM if you need one. We’ll sharpen your story and value prop based on  customer feedback. And most important, we’ll identify, qualify and introduce you to customers in your target market.

Interim BizDev provides benefits to startups in any of these growth stages: 

Stage 1: You Have Technology, but Not Much More

It is never too early to talk to customers! The right early customers can become advisors, product testers and even investors. At this stage BizDev.Global will engage with customers to enable you to:

  • Pick your first target market, based on conversations with customers

  • Define your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which solves real problems for early adopters

  • Craft your story for customers and investors

Stage 2: Your Product is Nearly Ready

If you are nearing launch of your MVP, now is an excellent time to get your first customers involved. Early adopters can help you:

  • Refine your value proposition & ROI messages

  • Identify what data or product integrations are required by early adopters

  • Focus on the market that will grow the fastest

In Stage 2, BizDev.Global will work with your team to define target markets and usage models. We’ll then reach out to customers who match those characteristics, to start your first sales engagements.

Stage 3: Your Product is Done

If product is complete, you’ve got customers who will say your product effectively solves their problems. In Stage 3, BizDev.Global can help you prepare for volume sales:

  • BizDev.Global will prepare any missing sales materials (demos/web/video) and CRM tools necessary to support your initial sales process

  • We will immediately start sales engagements to refine the sales process and train new sales reps

  • BizDev.Global will help you create predictable lead flow into your new sales team, using events, media and marketing activities proven to reach your target market.

Sell Sooner with Interim BizDev!

BizDev.Global can help you engage with customers earlier, refine your product faster and start selling sooner. We’ll sharpen up your story and value proposition based on  customer feedback. When you are ready to bring business development and sales functions in house, we’ll deliver data, training and tools to ensure a smooth transition. If you want to maximize customer engagements at minimum cost, contact us today.