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Jumpstart Sales with a
BizDev Workshop…
Featuring Real Customers


If you are like most startup managers, you may be concerned that your company isn’t talking to enough customers. Deep technology startups have an even harder challenge: validating your features, ROI and business model with the right customers, even while technology continuously evolves. How can you engage qualified customers early and often?

Bring real customers to meet your team

The solution: a BizDev Workshop at your location, featuring actual customers from your target market. Your entire team will get these benefits:

  • Hear feedback on your product from real customers

  • Learn how to test assumptions and understand actual customer problems

  • Test your product’s value proposition, and initiate the sales conversation

The Secret Sauce

We'll bring recorded interviews with real, qualified customers to your workshop. Your team will hear them describe what their life is like without your product, and how this impacts their business.

Here’s what real customer pain sounds like:
(sample from an actual BizDev Workshop)

You’ll be able to hear a pin drop…

…when customers start critiquing your product and value proposition. Listen to these customers:
(sample from an actual BizDev Workshop)

The company targeting their solution at these developers had missed a key point about app architecture in the age of APIs. Fortunately we brought these customers to a BizDev Workshop at their office, where their whole team heard it, discussed it, and made a course correction.


What people say about the BizDev Workshop

Pete Rodriguez, CEO Silicon Catalyst

Pete Rodriguez, CEO
Silicon Catalyst

“Dave Millman of BizDev.Global delivered two half-day workshops for our portfolio company CEOs.  Both workshops were extremely well received. Semiconductor startup founders are typically strong on technology but weak on sales and marketing. Dave’s workshops showed them how to get in front of customers early and often. The whole experience was extremely relevant for the high-tech markets our companies serve. The sessions were highly interactive and the consensus from the CEOs and Silicon Catalyst team in attendance is that it was a valuable training experience.”

Bulent Basol, CEO Active Layer Parametrics

Bulent Basol, CEO
Active Layer Parametrics

“We manufacture semiconductor metrology tools. Selling them is difficult because the target market requires us to reach to a large number of technical people within very large companies. BizDev.Global has helped us with every aspect of reaching that market, from messaging to outbound campaigns that have opened the doors at major accounts. They even created a product video to use during the campaign. I'm happy to recommend them to any deep-technology company.”


Don’t Postpone Sales!

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