Hot Buttons in the Fortune 500

Bravo developed a semiconductor sensor technology that promised to revolutionize multiple food processing and medical applications. They could detect the presence of specific molecules within a flowing liquid in real time, using a device that was rated food-safe.

BizDev.Global introduced Bravo to a wide range of food industry customers, who were able to move faster than medical equipment vendors. BigCo was interested in the technology for use in their soft drink dispensing products. BigCo’s engineers recognized multiple benefits including:

  • Quality control: More accurate management of the syrup mix, for better taste

  • Cleaning alerts: The ability to detect unacceptable levels of specific contaminants

Bravo and BigCo worked together to build prototype and gather data that validated Bravo’s technology performed as expected. BizDev.Global worked directly with BigCo engineers to complete BigCo’s rigorous Business Case Approval Process (BCAP): 

  1. We ran design reviews with internal engineering teams and external consultants

  2. We helped write and deliver a 168-slide presentation to multiple layers of management

  3. We helped present their proposal to the CEO, CFO and the business unit management

  4. We waited...

Eight days after the CEO meeting, BigCo’s chief engineer got a call from an MBA intern working for the CFO. This is what the she asked, verbatim:

“On slide 61, you state that the new dispenser eliminates downward drift in the syrup/water mix, resulting in 0.6% percent increased syrup usage per year starting in month six. Does the increased syrup usage remain at that level for the installed lifetime of the dispenser?”

The answer was yes, the call ended. The next day the proposal was approved, and Bravo had the deal with BigCo. What had been the deciding factor? That 0.6% increase in syrup sales resulted in millions of dollars of additional revenue, at a tiny capital cost that was already budgeted. While the engineers wanted Bravo’s benefits to delivered product quality, the CEO and CFO approved the project because of this painless revenue boost. It pays to understand your customer’s hot buttons.

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