It’s Not My Problem!

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Recently we talked to mobile app developers about keeping financial and personal data secure. The good news is, they understood the problem and recognized that users of their apps were at risk. The bad news is that they won't do anything about it. Listen to these customer voices... (click video below to hear actual user interviews.)


Methodology: Peer Interviews with Mobile App Developers


What do you do when your target market recognizes the problem, understands the cost, but won’t take action? In technology markets, sometimes a clear problem-solution value proposition isn't enough. 

Our client developed an authentication technology for mobile devices
that proves: 

  • That an app is genuine

  • That the app had not been tampered with

Given the recent high-profile breaches of mobile apps like SnapChat and Tinder, they believed that this was a major breakthrough that would give mobile app developers a way to protect customer and transaction data. They asked us to talk to app developers to validate their business plan.

We created this explainer video, then had the mobile app developers watch it during their interview: 


 The Results

Mobile app developers understood the problem, but wouldn’t take responsibility for solving it. In fact, they couldn’t solve it, because they store the critical data in the cloud, typically using Amazon Web Services (AWS). So the only player who can implement this type of security is Amazon. Our client saved the time and expense of trying to sell this product to the wrong market, and is pursuing a different segment.


The Killer Question: 

Before you complete product development, ask real customers these questions:

  • “Who has the mandate to solve this problem?”

  • “How high a priority has the problem been given?”

If you need help validating your product plan with actual customers, contact BizDev.Global!