When the CEO Reads Your Email 120 Times...

Recently a client asked us to target 100 hand-picked sales prospects via an aggressive telephone and email campaign. Our campaigns are fully instrumented so we know exactly when people open emails and what they click. After sending out the first email, we watched on the campaign dashboard as prospects read it, often opening it more than once to study the information and follow the links. The green circles show how many times the recipient opened the email message.

4 sets of views rev 2d.png

We work hard to engage with a prospect’s hot buttons, so it’s not uncommon to see them open an email many times. But we were shocked when we saw this in our campaign dashboard:

120 views fixed.png

120 views! What was the CEO of a quarter-billion dollar company doing reading our message 120 times in two days? The answer was simple: He had forwarded it to team members and a lot of internal discussion had resulted. Every forward and reply was tracked, 120 of them. Just as we were about to phone the CEO directly, this email arrived:


Needless to say, the conversation progressed quickly after that. The reason for the CEO’s prompt action was that our email had hit his hot buttons. 

So what’s the formula for business development campaigns like these? 

  1. Figure out your target market’s hot buttons

  2. Create case studies and success stories showing how you solve those hot buttons

  3. Contact the right people to let them study your solution

If you want to start engagements like this with your prospects, contact BizDev.Global.