Watch How Emotions Drive Sales

What do customers want or need that will cause them to buy your product? That’s a Hot Button. How can you discover Hot Buttons? Listen for emotions. This sounds simple, yet some startups never do figure out the emotions that drive their customers’ Hot Buttons. Here’s how to do it.

It’s All About Emotions

An IT Services Management vendor wanted to understand their customers’ pain and motivations. Specifically:

  • What problems caused IT management to look for an asset management solution?

  • What Hot Buttons drive customers to buy quickly?

Customers Will Tell You the Answer

BizDev.Global soft-launched the product, resulting in more than 20 sales meetings and 6 qualified evaluations. Click on the video below to hear customers describe their pain and Hot Buttons, in their own voices. 


(Turn on your computer speakers to hear the pain in customers voices!)


Can You Hear the Emotion?

It’s uncommon for B2B buyers, particularly senior IT management, to get emotional about their problems. But you can hear the emotion in their voices when they describe the chaotic, horrific nightmare that was their lives before adopting an IT asset management solution.

The Hot Button: Visibility

Visibility was the key. The vendor hadn’t understood how much pain was caused by surprises and uncertainty. Their product gave customers visibility into problems before they became emergencies. This outcome changed how they sold the product, and drove new features.

Uncovering Hot Buttons

To uncover Hot Buttons, ask questions that probe their pain, both discovered and undiscovered. Here are some sales questions we developed for the SaaS client above: 

“What happens when you get surprised by expired licenses,
missing assets or incomplete help desk tickets?”

“What would be the value of reducing
lost assets by 25%? What about 50%?”

“How much of your team’s time is wasted fighting fires,
versus developing and deploying your planned IT projects?”

What are Your Customers’ Hot Buttons? 

If you are finding any of these sales tasks difficult...

  • Uncovering your customers’ Hot Buttons

  • Perfecting your Product-Market Fit

  • Meeting your First Customers

...then contact BizDev.Global today.